Conservation & Environment

Did you know that, if you’re lucky enough to live in Albert Park, West Didsbury you live in a conservation area?

Those of us lucky enough to live in the Albert Park Conservation Area can enjoy our heritage of fine Victorian and Edwardian buildings set amongst impressive trees. However, we also have a legal obligation to protect these and to conserve this attractive area for future generations.

Any alterations to property need to be in keeping with the surrounding architectural features. The Planning Department will gladly advise on this as planning permission is needed for structural changes or additions such as satellite dishes or solar panels. There are guidelines on paving front gardens and removing walls.

Trees are also protected and the council has to agree to any lopping or felling of trees in a conservation area. Wielding a chain saw irresponsibly can result in a large fine. Sometimes, new residents are not aware of our Conservation Area status. Albert Park is a wonderful place to live. Let’s keep it that way by working to conserve and restore this attractive heritage.