Useful Links

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Didsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team

The place to find information about your local police, including phone numbers for your nearest Police Station.

Northenden Civic Society

A non-partisan amenity society concerned with the quality of present day.

Manchester Archives & Local Studies (Manchester Local Image Collection)

If you are looking for photos of your neighbourhood, old or new (some were taken over a hundred years ago), this is the site for you.

Manchester Civic Society

A good source of information about the City, its history and its buildings. The Society's newsletter, 'Manchester Forum', can be viewed online.

MCC Environmental Services

Recycling, rubbish & waste, inc. collection calendars.

MCC Noise Problems & Antisocial Behaviour

Manchester City Council site, You can report noise problems and antisocial behaviour here.

MCC Planning Public Access Information System

The site where you can view details of planning applications and submit comments online.

MCC Road, Pavements and Cycleways

This site is where you can report problems with roads (eg potholes), pavements and cycleways.

MCC Street Lighting

If you wish to report a street lighting problem, you can do so here.

MCC Tree Preservation, Trees in Conservation Areas

A guide to tree preservation procedures and the status of trees in conservation areas. If you wish to carry out work to trees in Albert Park, which is a conservation area, you can download an application form from this site.

A Walk on the West Side

Guided walking tour around West Didsbury by Pam Siddons

Street Map of West Didsbury (click here)